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When we create the design for you, it is not just about being pretty or using the latest possible technologies. It is about you, your business and the relations you are trying to build with your customers.

» When you decide that your business needs a website you're making the decision to move to the next level. But then what?

There are lots of great looking websites on the internet, but how'd they get that way, who designed them, and how can you get something like it…or something better?

At MEP our website design professionals work with you as a team, coming up with plans to envision your goals, and then put them into actionable pages on your site. That means you'll have a site that looks great and increases your revenue.

»Working with MEP

Once you decide to get that new site designed, we'll sit down with you and figure out exactly what it is your business needs from its web presence. It's easy figuring out which design works best for you based on what others in your niche or industry are doing. Having a site that makes your customers convert is our highest goal, one that increases your revenue.

We've got plenty of technology frameworks you can choose from for your website development plans, including WordPress, PHP, Linux and more.

»Developing your site

Your website design needs to be more than just a nice-looking screen, it needs to have a visually-appealing environment for your users that keeps them coming back again and again. At MEP we do that. We can create landing pages that turn visitors into users and then customers. Banner ads and HTML emails are something we specialize in, making your marketing easier. And if you want pop-up ads or a newsletter started, we can do that too.

Multi-media videos or podcasts have almost become a must for sites that plan to be around awhile. We know how to get that going and keep it going.

Website maintenance is something else you want to think about, and we'll go through all of that with you during the initial design.

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