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The mix of professional, passionate people from different backgrounds allows us to offer a full range of web development services. We are a Swiss digital agency, our areas of expertise are web design, web development, brand identity, digital marketing.


How it works

In order to maximize the value of our services for you, we offer four elements that
work together for your business.
Brand identity

Brand identity is a critical part of the message that you communicate to your clients. This is one of the reasons we suggest to start with this step, as this is the core element of standing out and differentiating yourself.

Web design & development

Your brand now needs to be visible. What do you do when want to get more information about the company or a brand? You Google it, that is where your website comes into play. And we make sure your visitors get your message, explore and take action.

Digital Marketing

We help to represent your brand in the digital world by combining all means of communication with your clients. You decide what is the goal and we get you there.


We provide extremely flexible support. Once you start working with us, we are your partners for as long as you need us.

Full range creative agency in Switzerland. We create websites that deliver.

Brand identity

It is important for your brand to be visually recognized. This is where your Brand Identity starts to work. We look into your business and the processes, try to deeply understand the image that you have and the values that you want to share with all the stakeholders of your organization. We will ask a lot of questions and work very closely with you in order to shape the message for your brand. This process involves a lot of analyzing and cooperation, but the result will be a clear and shaped message that we will be working for your business and developing recognition and loyalty.

Web design & development

Your website design needs to be more than just a nice-looking screen, it needs to have a visually-appealing environment for your users that keeps them coming back again and again. At MEP we do that.
We can create landing pages that turn visitors into users and then customers. Banner ads and HTML emails are something we specialize in, making your marketing easier. And if you want pop-up ads or a newsletter started, we can do that too.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is essential in todays world for any business that wants to acquire users online. Here at MEP we use a mix of different technologies in order to maximize the return on the money spent for the advertisement. We can manage you whole strategy and be one stop agency for all your online marketing efforts. We are happy to consult you on this and be your partner when it comes to online side of your business.


We are always there for you! Unlike most of companies that develop websites and do on-line marketing, our work just starts when the website is finished. We are working for the long-term relationships with our clients and are always happy to assist them. Are goal is to be a long-term partner and take care of all the problems and challenges that your business faces online.

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