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At MEP our SEO services are custom-made to increase your website's local and international traffic quickly and noticeably.

» We get your brand and message out to who's interested in it while helping you realize your financial and company goals.

Our Swiss SEO professionals work with you to come up with a detailed Swiss SEO marketing plan – or one that focuses on greater-Europe or even the world – for your site. This SEO marketing plan focuses on what's important to you while also increasing your visibility, your conversions, and your influence.

»Here are some of the Swiss SEO facets we focus on here at MEP :

On-Site Optimization: Each of the sites that MEP designs is unique and stand outs in your niche or industry. This means you'll have unique headers, meta tags, images – really all the website components people are looking for when visiting sites like yours. Remember, many internet users scan first and read second…if at all. Making that first visual impression is therefore key for your users.

Search Engine Optimization: You really want to provide your Swiss users and your international visitors with the best website experience possible when they visit your site. But you also want to get noticed by the search engines. It's a tricky balance, but at MEP we have the people that know how to walk that fine line. Your keywords, your meta tags, backlinks, and a lot more all go into making your site great, not just the the industry.

Link Building: You're going to need a serious link building campaign if you want to stay visible and get your site out there. But with all the changes that Google and other search engines have been making, you want to make sure you're doing link building right. One spammy link could set your site back months, and at MEP we know how to avoid this.

Keyword Mapping: It's harder than ever figuring out what keywords you should be using on your site, something Google has done intentionally. There are ways, however, and once again the skilled Swiss SEO professionals at MEP will get you on the right track so your site is the best in your niche or industry.

»We look forward to working with you on your site. MEP is a local Vaud company you can trust.

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