eCommerce for Websites

At MEP we know what your business needs when it comes to setting up an eCommerce online store. What's more, we know how to get that store making money for you.

» Whether you're here in Switzerland or further afield in Europe, we can get you started.

Our secured Ecommerce solutions combine professional eCommerce web design with affordable Ecommerce web hosting services. We go after the look and feeling of your site, while also making sure it works. This gives your users a great user experience.

»One of the first things you'll figure out when you work with MEP is how your current site is doing now and exactly what is the best way to getting it eCommerce-ready. This is how we go about that:

We work out a fully-secure eCommerce system complete with shopping cart that gets your site's earning potential up quickly.

Your payment processing system will be fully set-up by MEP and integrated with how your orders are done, either physical or digital goods.

An easy and friendly user environment is create that makes it simple to combine your corporate website with your existing store in a seamless way, if you have something up and running now.

» When it comes to take your website to the next level, MEP has you covered and ready to succeed.

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